Tactical Headset. The TALON Advances Technology.

Tactical Headset with 360 degree talk-through technology.

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The TALON was designed to address the issues of bulky headsets and traditional ‘in-the-ear’ headsets.

Dual muff headsets are hot, bulky and uncomfortable under helmets and tend to clamp down on the head in order to receive any kind of hearing protection.

Traditional in-ear headsets tend to transmit body vibration noises over the airways when operators are running, are in rotary vehicles or tracked vehicles. They also require modes for whispering and for louder environments and tend to fall out of the ear due to aggressive movements or cable snags which causes loss of communication & hearing protection.

The TALON is a hybrid and merges the best qualities of both the muffs, (boom mic), and the in-ears, small and lightweight with good hearing protection

The TALON has been Tested by Professional, High Profile Tactical Organizations.

The NTOA rated it 4.8 out 5

The US Army rated it 3.9 out of 4

The US Air Force RQS recommended it as a replacement of their current systems

The TALON is field tested.

Special Operations Teams  and various branches of the US Military throughout North America have made the TALON their preferred Tactical Headset

Advantages of the TALON.

Our talk-through system.  We have merged hearing aid technology with our hearing protection system. What that means is that we don’t only allow the operator to hear environment noises while wearing the hearing protection but our algorithms reproduce the direction of the sound – for accurate sound localization.   So the operator can hear for example a door close and can tell what direction that door is.

Hearing protection. We have one of the highest hearing protection ratings at 32-39db NRS which more than twice the protection of other systems on the market.

Comfort. We are lightweight and small.  We don’t require any head pressure to function or deep set earplugs.

Durability.  We have built the system to MIL-STD 810, MIL STD 461 RF standards and IP68 submersible.  We have also driven over it with a Hummer SUV to prove the point.

Configurations available for the TALON?


Standard behind the head – fits under most helmets.

                Ops-core rail mounted for both side-cut and none side-cut helmets

62000_Series-7TDirect to helmet mount – we call it the Slyter mount.

62000_Series-19TGas mask interface

How does your team get their hands on a TALON headset?

We currently have a no obligation Test and Evaluate for qualified teams.


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