1 Wire Earpiece or 2 Wire Surveillance Kit?

1 Wire Earpiece or 2 Wire Surveillance Kit?

There seems to some confusion about these extremely popular two way radio accessories caused in part by a West Coast Distributor who claimed to have a 2 wire product when in fact it was just a one wire with a conventional PTT. (They’ve since changed this part to a ‘Split Wire’).  Bottom line is a one wire is to be worn on the exterior of clothing while the two-wire is meant to be secured underneath.

One Wire Earpieces

Here are a couple of examples of a one wire earpiece with Inline PTT and one wire earpiece with a conventional PTT and a picture of how it is worn. These are normally used by Hospitality, Retail, Healthcare and Security.


Though the PTT’s are a different style, there is still just ‘One Wire’ from the radio through the PTT and terminating at the earpiece. The cable length is usually 28-34 inches in total.

For those that are familiar, the BodyGuardTM and SignalTM are advertised as Split-Wire earpieces but are in fact, One Wire.

Two Wire Surveillance Kit

The following is an example of a two wire surveillance kit, normally used by Police, FBI, CIA, Military, Undercover, Casino’s, Security and Motion Picture/Event Rentals.


There are ‘Two Wires’ that run independently from the radio, one terminates at the PTT the other terminates at the earpiece. The Two Wire surveillance kit is meant to be worn under clothing, running one cable from the radio, up the back to the ear and the other cable from the radio, up the back and down the sleeve to the cuff of a long sleeved shirt.  Each cable is usually 30-34″ in length.


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