Online Ordering Now Available. PROMO CODE.

Online Ordering Now Available on the website.

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Give it a try with PROMO CODE ‘TAKE5 and we’ll give you 5% off your entire order until the end of August! Click HERE to create an account and get started.

E-commerce is ready. We paid a lot of attention to detail on our site before we launched online ordering. Everything is seamless, from the time you log in, searching and adding items to your cart, saving orders all the way through the checkout process.  We also negotiated new, lower shipping rates with Canada Post and Purolator to save you 20-40% on shipping!

Canada Post

Our Customers provide great and ongoing feedback which has led us to make a change in the available methods we have to ship your orders. You told us you wanted more options to save you money. We heard you. Consider it done….

We now offer shipping via Canada Post, Purolator and UPS directly off of our website, to all of our Canadian Customers. The new rates are available when ordering from our website, by phone, email or fax.

Effective immediately, we are offering all customers the option to ship via Canada Post and will have daily scheduled pick up. This saves you upwards of 41% in shipping fees on an average size order.

As a result of offering Canada Post, we were also able to negotiate a better rate with Purolator, so if you do ship with purolator, your shipping rate will now be approximately 20% less.

Here are some example rates.

 (1lb Shipment, Canada Post / Purolator)

Kelowna–>Vancouver: $8.50 XPRESS POST / $12.16 Purolator Ground

Kelowna–>Ottawa: $11.77 Expedited / $12.05 Purolator Ground

Kelowna–>Dartmouth: $11.98 Expedited / $24.08 Purolator Ground

 (10lb Shipment, Canada Post / Purolator)

Kelowna–>Vancouver: $13.03 XPRESS POST / $14.08 Purolator Ground

Kelowna–>Ottawa: $18.84 Expedited / $25.80 Purolator Ground

Kelowna–>Dartmouth: $19.17 Expedited / $32.38 Purolator Ground

If there is anything you think we could improve on to help you or your business out, let us know.

Questions about shipping? 888-316-0666. Happy to help!


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