Two Way Radios Improve Hotels

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Everyone who works in the hospitality industry knows that it’s a 24/7 job which rarely, if ever, lets up. It can be stressful, and it can be a bit fraught at times – particularly if your business covers a wide geographical area and a wide range of activities. Keeping all of the metaphorical plates you’re juggling in the air at any one time is a big ask, and it’s little wonder that the hotel industry has such a high employee turnover rate. One thing, however, can reduce the stress of this occupation, ensure that the business runs more smoothly, and give your employees the power to take control when they see things which need doing – Enhanced Communication through Two-Way Radios and Accessories.

Two-Way Communication

A two-way radio can make an enormous difference in the day-to-day running of your business. Not only does it mean that you’re more able to get instantly and effectively in contact with employees in the most diverse corners of your establishment, thus ensuring that help can be apportioned to where it’s needed in no time at all, it also means that employees have extra options when confronted with a problem which they are not qualified to deal with. Valuable time is saved which would otherwise have been wasted in panicky dashes to find a superior, and overall stress is greatly reduced by giving staff members this quick and easy recourse by which to contact other employees. It’s also worth noting that a radio system is superior to simply using cell phones as contact is immediate, and uninterrupted by other things going on over the network. The channel is for business use alone. For managers, it allows an element of control and knowledge about the state of the establishment at any one time which is vital to the success of such an enterprise.


In the event of a security breach, the benefits of a two-way radio system become self-evident. Security staff can be summoned in seconds, as can anyone else relevant to the incident. The alarm can be sounded among the staff (without disturbing any guests by using surveillance accessories) in short order and disturbances can be resolved with a minimum of danger and with a maximum of speed. It’s also very much worth noting that having the extra security provided by a two way radio system will cause insurers to look favorably upon your business. Having taken precautions such as this makes insurers much more likely to lower initial premiums, and to consent to payouts in the event of an emergency. The ability to assess and action issues speedily and effectively provided by a two way radio system proves to insurers that you are committed to keeping your business safe and secure, thus encouraging them to consider you a lesser risk and thus lower your premiums.

Peace Of Mind

Perhaps best of all, a two way radio system provides peace of mind for those in the hospitality industry. The feeling of being in control and in communication with one’s colleagues is an excellent precursor to good working relationships, lowered stress, and enhanced peace of mind. Few hospitality managers would deny that such things are not to be sniffed at! All in all, a two way radio system really can transform your business in a multitude of positive ways.

Is it time your hotel invested in or updated it’s communications system?

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Article written by Gemma Cairns


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