It’s What’s Inside That Counts


When your equipment just CAN’T fail…

Over the years, Threat4 has gained a strong reputation of building high quality radio accessories to support  top OEM radio systems such as the Motorola APX.  As a result of our hard earned reputation, other accessory companies have tried to replicate some of our industry leading 2-way radio accessories. Even though their products may look like Threat4 accessories on the outside, it’s what’s inside that counts.

We have had the chance to test a number of these ‘look alike’ accessories and the reality is they just don’t cut it where it matters the most…. performance. A great example of this are the various companies that have tried to copy our IP67 rated SM-HD3-WP mic. Unlike other mics that carry the IP67 rating, when you take the SM-HD3-WP and dunk it in water… guess what….. it actually continues to work!

We tested a couple of our competitors IP67 rated microphones and we didn’t get quite the same results that we got with the SM-HD3-WP. The best of the bunch, once submerged, would quit working but after being given 15 minutes to dry would come back to life. So imagine a situation where you are a first responder and your mic get wet and quits working… do you have 15-minutes to wait for it to come back to life so you communicate with your team? Nope.

When you are in a real word situation… not a lab that blows air through a mic, replicating water, to determine IP rating… you need accessories that are going to get the job done. Threat4 mics, headsets, and all of our other 2-way radio accessories lead the industry when it comes to quality and we back this claim with a 3-year warranty covering our Heavy Duty products.

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