Motorola ZMN6038A. Higher Quality for Less.

t4_stop it HD2W-EH4

Motorola ZMN6038A 2-wire Surveillance Kit (Black), with Hirose 6 Pin Quick Disconnect

By Motorolas definition: An Extra loud earpiece with microphone and in-line push-to-talk, combined wire for microphone and PTT.  It allows a user to privately receive discreet communications. These retail for up to $150ea!! [Requires a keyload adapter (sold separately):  NTN5664D for SABRE,  NTN8613 for XTS,  NNTN7869 for APX.] Compatible with the ASTRO SABRE, XTS, and APX series portable two-way radios. These adapters can be as much as $95 each!!

Why go through all that trouble and expense??

Threat4 can compare to the Motorola ZMN6038A not only in quality but the price is far less. Threat4 offers the Heavy Duty 2-Wire surveillance kit with the lightweight ear-hook (HD2W-EH4) for almost any two way radio ever made. If you don’t need an adapter, don’t waste another $95.00 for an adapter on each radio, Threat4s 2-Wire unit connects directly to the radio (33 different radio connectors!!) and also have the Hirose option as well where you save 40-50% on the Genuine Hirose™ Adapter and 2-Wire Kit. Check out Threat4s offering of Genuine Hirose™ Adapters.

P2W-EH4 1D

P2W-EH4 2DP2W-EH4 3D

Threat4s Heavy Duty 2-Wire Surveillance Kit with lightweight Ear-hook. (Select EH4 ear option when ordering).
  • Rugged Kevlar re-enforced cable
  • High quality Knowles™ brand mic
  • Field replaceable transducers
  • Heavy duty strain relief
  • Replacement parts for any brand at incredible prices
  • Unmatched Three year warranty!!

Perfect for Police, Security, Hotels, Casino’s and any other industry requiring a long lasting, high quality, reliable 2-Wire surveillance kit.

What is a Two-Wire Surveillance Kit?

There are ‘Two Wires’ that run independently from the portable two-way radio, one terminates at the PTT(Push to talk/Microphone); the other terminates at the earpiece. The Two Wire surveillance kit is meant to be worn under clothing, running one cable from the radio, up the back to the ear and the other cable from the radio, up the back and down the sleeve to the cuff of a long sleeved shirt.  Each cable is usually 30-34″ in length.

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