Shoulder Mic Earpieces

SMLO 40 Off US

Shoulder Mic Earpieces

Made with Kevlar™ cables and metal transducer, Threat4™ shoulder mic earpieces (SMLO) will stand up to any other on the market. With a 3 year warranty and low cost replacement parts, you can’t go wrong.

This is a “Professional Grade” listen only kit for use on your Threat4™ or any other brand speaker microphones. It’s the ideal solution for the professional user who can’t afford anything less than the best! Used by thousands of law enforcement agencies, security companies, casinos, events and retailers around the world.

Threat4™ earpieces can be used with shoulder mics from Motorola, Harris, Vertex, Icom, EF Johnson, Kenwood, Tait, Relm/Bendix King, Hytera, Impact, OTTO, Pryme, Klein, ARC, Stone Mountain and many more.


  • Multiple customization options available:
    • Regular 18″ (at rest) with coil
    • Short 9″ (at rest) with coil
  • L-shape or straight jack, 2.5mm or 3.5mm
  • Kevlar™ coil cable
  • OEM compatible replacement parts at incredible prices. (See below)
  • Three year warranty
  • Thousands in stock at all times
  • Compare to Motorola RLN4941. The SMLO is up to 50% less with triple the warranty!!
  • Compare to OTTO V1-10282, V1-10758, V1-10305, V1-10433. The SMLO is up to 10-20% less and triple the warranty!!

Replacement parts from Threat4™ are compatible with most industry standard earpieces at a fraction of the cost.

RAT-1  $6.00

Ear Bud  $0.68

TD-AT  $12.40

RCC-AT  $4.80

See more audio enhancements and parts.

This is an exclusive offer for USA and Canada.Pricing shown is in American Dollars (USD). Promo Code is Valid until July 31st, 2016.
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