When Hotel and Resort Staff Are Properly Connected, This Happens..


When Hotel and Resort Staff Are Properly Connected with the right communication tools like two-way radios and earpieces, mics and chargers, here’s what it looks like.

Every successful hotel, resort and casino works hard to provide excellent service to its customers, and providing exceptional service comes down to one simple thing – great communication. The staff must be ready to address guests’ needs during every minute of their stay, which requires a quick and effective way to communicate discreetly across all departments.

Here’s what happens when the entire organization is properly connected and using the right accessories.

Guest Relations respond to guests’ requests quickly, track supplies, confirm room availability and manage staff, all while maintaining a professional appearance. Two-way radio solutions are adapted to their needs and help management run operations smoothly to deliver the great service that keeps guests coming back- (or in this day and age, keeps guests blogging positively and leaving great reviews on TripAdvisor).

Maintenance Workers use voice and data solutions, paired with the right accessories, making it simple to manage maintenance personnel. Tasks are fast-tracked to the right staff member and completed quickly. Whether a faulty heating unit or a blown breaker or a problem with the pump at the pool, any team member connects instantly with maintenance and engineering staff.  Work orders get sent to the right departments and communication remains clear throughout the property.

Enhancing guest safety is everybody’s job but the security team are connected to all other staff with the push of a button. They use the right accessories to keep the conversations private. This gives the hotel the upper hand in creating an environment that is safe and welcoming. When emergencies occur, the security team communicates quickly and quietly, coordinating a planned response across the property – whether small or sprawling – and feel confident guests and staff are out of harm’s way. By giving employees and emergency personnel the right devices and information, they can guide guests to safety and provide real-time updates.

Housekeeping is also seamlessly connected to front-end operations, rooms are ready on-time and requests are efficiently answered. With real-time information the housekeeping staff operates more efficiently, making sure rooms are ready for guests upon check-in. In turn wait times are eliminated and managers have visibility into all operations.


Food and Beverage use instant two-way communication with discreet and comfortable earpieces, creating a team environment that improves efficiency, enhances service and encourages repeat visits. Employee down time, long table turn around and empty tables are a killer in the restaurant industry and those 3 things are all but eliminated, with a connected staff, during the busier time of the day.

Charging all of the radios and batteries is no small task in larger hotel environments.  They use space saving bank chargers using smart technology allowing them to charge up to six different brands of radios or batteries in each charger. They keep spare batteries fully charged and ready at all times.

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