Gaming Communication using 2-way Radios

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Gaming Communication using 2-way Radios
Security and Surveillance

Security and surveillance each play a vital role in every gaming environment. There are always individuals who are trying to beat the system coupled with consumption of alcohol and many health and safety risks. High levels of service are also demanded in this sophisticated gaming environment and efficient two-way communication allows teams within the casino to communicate quickly with one another, responding to customer needs and delivering the high quality service that guests demand in this competitive industry.

Casino and resort personnel need to be able to connect with one another and communicate more efficiently, ensuring that customer service issues are resolved right away.

Discreet communications are a high priority making accessories equally as important as the radios you choose.

Recommended Accessories for Casino Security.

Customer Service

Service starts with attentiveness and attention to detail.  Wait times and turn around times are minimized with great, easy and convenient communication which puts more money toward the bottom line. In this industry repeat business is key. You need to provide the best service to your guests. From fast and courteous check-in, activity, dining or night-life recommendations in an instant and prompt, attentive room cleaning to accommodate guests. With Radios and Accessories for front of house staff, front desk check-in lines will be shorter. Concierge staff can communicate discreetly and are able to find fast solutions for any request your guest may have. Housekeeping staff can be deployed where and when they are needed most.

Recommended Accessories for customer service staff. 

Recommended Accessories for event staff. 

Valet Service

Two Way Radios and accessories allow casino resorts to eliminate wait times and allows valet’s to report any security or theft issues immediately.  Hotels, stadiums, event venues and restaurants can offer differentiated customer service to their guests and increase revenues.

Recommended Accessories for Valet. 

Public Safety and Security for Gaming 

With the ability to connect to Law Enforcement, Fire and Paramedics in a heartbeat, you can quickly respond to any situation to enhance the safety of your guests – whether you are a hotel, casino, arena, stadium, theme park, attraction or restaurant.

With first responders, employees and emergency staff equipped with the right devices and the right information, they can easily guide guests to safety, track assets and give real-time updates.

Recommended Accessories for Public Safety. 

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