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Shoulder Mic Earpieces

Shoulder Mic Earpieces Made with Kevlar™ cables and metal transducer, Threat4™ shoulder mic earpieces (SMLO) will stand up to any other on the market. With a 3 year warranty and low cost replacement parts, you can’t go wrong. This is a… Read More ›

Motorola PMLN6129A or Threat4 Heavy Duty 2 Wire

Motorola PMLN6129A, PMLN6129 or Threat4 Heavy Duty Surveillance Kit. Threat4’s Heavy Duty Surveillance Kits (HD2W-AT) and the Motorola PMLN6129, PMLN6129A IMPRES™ are Black 2-Wire Surveillance Kits with acoustic tube for APX and XPR radios. Here’s 8 reasons to choose the Threat4, Heavy Duty Series Surveillance… Read More ›