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Introducing T4 Communications

T4 is ‘T’wo-way radio accessories ‘4’… Resorts and Hotels, Stadiums and Leagues/Professional Sports, Nightclubs and Casinos, Public Safety, TV and Movie Production, Amusement Parks, Heavy Industry and Construction, Restaurants and Retail, Public Schools and Universities, Search and Rescue, Golf Courses,… Read More ›

Shoulder Mic Earpieces

Shoulder Mic Earpieces Made with Kevlar™ cables and metal transducer, Threat4™ shoulder mic earpieces (SMLO) will stand up to any other on the market. With a 3 year warranty and low cost replacement parts, you can’t go wrong. This is a… Read More ›

SNIPER-WPTT: The Ultimate Tactical Headset

The wireless SNIPER-WPTT is a must for tactical teams looking for the ultimate situational awareness tactical headset. The SNIPER receives audio through temple bone tissue which keeps ears open for environmental awareness. To learn more, please download the SNIPER-WPTT product… Read More ›