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SNIPER-WPTT: The Ultimate Tactical Headset

The wireless SNIPER-WPTT is a must for tactical teams looking for the ultimate situational awareness tactical headset. The SNIPER receives audio through temple bone tissue which keeps ears open for environmental awareness. To learn more, please download the SNIPER-WPTT product… Read More ›

Public Safety One-Sheet

Public Safety 2-Way Radio Accessories Are you in Public Safety and need to purchase quality 2-way radio accessories to help keep your team connected? Download our Public Safety One-Sheet which provides a great summary of our top 2-way radio accessory… Read More ›

Tactical Headsets for Military and Swat

Tactical Headsets for Military and Swat Hear Threat…. Locate Threat…. Neutralize Threat!! Tactical Headset, TALON In-ear Tactical Headset with Boom Mic, Hearing Protection (32dB-39dB Certified NRS) + Talk-through for Military & SWAT Applications. Terminated with a quick disconnect connector, requires… Read More ›